Friday, October 24, 2014

The 5 Best Pools in Walt Disney World

     Are you one of those people who loves to sit by the pool? Do you have children who love to swim and get lost in the adventure of a pool? Do you have fond memories of family adventures in the pool? Do you want a night out with a lover chatting and swimming in the twilight? Disney World offers some of the most elaborate, beautiful, well-themed, and romantic swimming complexes of any vacation destination in the world. If you are looking for a place to stay, and the pool is a big factor, use this list to help you decide. While almost every Disney resort has a pool that will keep you swimmers happy, these are the very best of the best:

     5. Luna Park Pool at Disney's Boardwalk is a beautiful continuation of the theme of the resort. Walk out back, through the arches under the lobby, and you walk into a pool complex that borrows from the elements of Luna Park of Jersey fame. There is a large swimming area, a water slide that looks and acts like a wooden roller-coaster, and even the terrifying giant clown face! While it isn't the most romantic pool, the kids will love it, and the adults can stroll along the boardwalk itself by night.

     4. Big Blue Pool at Disney's Art of Animation Resort is a completely different pool experience from any other on property. It is one of three pools at the resort, and is the largest single pool of water in Walt Disney World. The real fun here is the technology Disney put into the water itself. If you're under water, you will notice that Disney music is playing under said water. That's right, you can only hear it while you're in the water! Once again, this one gets zero romance points, but there are the Disney Parks at night for that, right?

     3. Uzima Pool at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge is a truly unique experience. The design, plant life, and wildlife are what really make this pool. The stream that wanders down the side of the lobby, through Boma, and out to the pool provides a quaint and beautiful path toward your swim. The trees block your view from the lobby or rooms until they open up to reveal the wonderful Oasis that is this pool. The pool seems to be carved out of African Rocks, and the water slide cuts its way from a hut, through the stone, into the pool, which slopes gently from walk-in entrance to a not-so deep end. The real magic happens when you step out of the pool, and walk up to the Savanna that sits directly adjacent to it. You can look out afar and see giraffes and zebra, or look right in front of you and see flamingos. And, if you look very closely, you can see Bongos (the ghost of the forest) hiding in the bushes in front of you. This is a truly amazing pool experience. It is gut-tuggingly romantic at night, and an incredible end to a long day at Disney.

     2. Nanea Volcano Pool at Disney's Polynesian Resort is another beautiful pool experience, and is unique from all other pools once again. First of all, there is a giant Volcano that feeds water and swimmers into the pool with its slide! You walk through the Polynesian village, toward the white-sand beach, and see Cinderella Castle long in the distance. Your children will love the water-slide, and you will love the beautiful location and relaxing by the side of the Seven-Seas Lagoon, with Contemporary and Grand Floridian in view. For a very special experience, take a swim when Wishes Fireworks are shooting off from the Magic Kingdom. At times, the resort will pipe in the music from the show, and you can have a magical pool experience, complete with fireworks overhead.

     1. Stormalong Bay is a shared pool by Disney's Yacht and Beach Clubs. But don't worry, there is plenty of it to go around. This pool is more like a water park, except without the cheesy and run-down slides and gross pools that usually come with that. This pool complex is a series of sand-bottom pools, paths, saunas, bridges, slides, alcoves, whirlpools, and rivers that will make a swim into an adventure that rivals any theme park attraction. Now take all of this, and add architecture and a Victorian Beach theme that only Disney can do, and you have the greatest pool that has every been built. Want a thrilling water slide? Take a walk up the wrecked pirate ship's mast, and slide on down across a path, through the forest, into the rock work, and back into the main pool. Want another thrill? Swim against the current in the whirlpool. Want to build a sand castle? There are beaches made of sand on the shores of this pool, where children... or you... can design and build a city of castle masterpiece. Want a romantic escape? There are several hidden and secluded hot tubs, which must be found by exploring the landscape of the pool, and will reward you with plants and rocks and dim lighting to chat and enjoy the night. I cannot possibly overstate how wonderful and magical this pool is. It is truly a must-do for those looking for the most hauntingly beautiful things to do at Walt Disney World.

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