Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Best Rides in Walt Disney World at Night

     After the sun goes down, the air at Walt Disney World takes on a new feel. The warm light accents every corner of the architecture, and the aspects of design and story present in the parks are even more showcased. Colors are brighter, and everything can be seen through a different lens. My favorite time in Walt Disney World is at night. I look forward every day to watching passers by and families enjoy the twinkling magical light. In this post, I want to lend ideas as to which rides are extra special at night. Riding some rides at night completely changes the experience, and can give you a new perspective on the respective theme park. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Expedition Everest: Take a ride to find the Yeti at night, and a few new elements are added. First, the garden at the beginning of the ride is now dimly lit by warm lighting. I wish they could slow down the ride a bit so I could enjoy it! Next, as you make your way up the chain lift, look over at the beautiful Tree of Life. The lights on it at night make the animals pop, and add an intimate feel. However, the intimacy ends when you enter the thrill portion of the ride, as you realize you can't see anything! The hills fly by, and it is hard to tell whether you're inside or out! The end of the ride is extra comforting and welcoming. This one's a real treat. 
  • Splash Mountain: This Disney classic is a great opportunity to dip into some whimsy at night. The hills and drops and canals on the outside of the ride give you little glimpses of the castle, Tomorrowland, the tops of the buildings in Adventureland, and Big Thunder. My favorite part of this ride at night, though, is the dark red glow of the rock work. It is a warm and welcoming color, bidding you enter into the swamp to join the adventure with your favorite Br'er animals.
  • Jungle Cruise: At night, the jungle seems just a little bit more teeming and dank than it usually does. The jokes at night are a little bit more casual, and the people on board a little bit more loosely tempered. This ride is another classic, and riding it at night is a great way to make you feel close to the place we love. 
  • Tower of Terror: The Twilight Zone Tower becomes even more spooky and fun at night. The entrance queue garden stays steamy, and makes it hard to see. If you jump out from some of the concrete to scare your family, I guarantee they will scream. Once you enter the lobby, it no longer feels like an illusion when lightning strikes outside. And best of all, when the door opens for you before your rapid descent at the top of the tower, you can look out and see the living and nostalgic streets of Hollywood Studios down below you. Scream loud so they can hear you down there!
     There are many more rides that are lots of fun at night! What do you think?