Monday, January 5, 2015

5 Quiet Corners to Complete your Date Night

     Walt Disney World is truly a romantic place. The lights, music, people, mood, positive atmosphere, and old world feel of it all lend themselves to the perfect date night. However, a problem that you may encounter on your night out is that of other people... and lots of them. Walt Disney World is getting more and more crowded, and it is getting increasingly difficult to find a moment to share between you and your date. In this post, I want to give you a few ideas about where you can take your date to have just a moment to yourselves. I will keep them within the theme parks, because you will not have a problem finding a place if you have a hotel room (duh). There are many more than this, but here are some of my favorites!

  1. In the French Pavilion at Epcot, there is a small street that veers off to the left of the main square. While this used to be a much better spot to have a moment of relaxation, before the addition of a major counter-service restaurant in the back, it is still very romantic and quaint if you go when that restaurant is closed. The alley is decorated with French shops and signs, facades and art. In addition, there is nothing more romantic than sharing an ice cream cone and watching the rushing passers-by. Check when the restaurant will be closed, and make your plan for that time. You won't regret it
  2. At the UK Pavilion in Epcot, follow the path next to the cottage when entering from the International Gateway, and you will find yourself in a quiet garden square behind the buildings. There are paths, flowers, and wonderful buildings to look at. This garden is often completely empty during the day, and is often wonderfully shaded by the trees. The music, plants, and seclusion will whisk you away to a land of English Royalty and the elevated lifestyle that you deserve.
  3. Streets of America, over at Hollywood Studios, are rich with detail and attention, although they are oft-ignored. This, however, will work to your advantage if you are looking for places to have a romantic walk. Save for the holiday season, these streets are usually bare at night, and are dimly lit and will give you the feel of walking city streets at night by yourselves, with the addition of Disney enhanced reality. Take advantage of these streets while you still can! Big changes are coming to the Studios, and this area could be gone before you know it.
  4. The Walt Disney World Railroad, which circumnavigates the Magic Kingdom throughout the day, is a classic attraction that suffers because it is not a thrill ride. However, it is a beautiful and quaint tour of the Magic Kingdom, with a charming and informative narration that will brighten your evening. On a day in the off-season, the train will be nearly empty when it runs at night, and you and your date can enjoy a private tour around the Kingdom. What is more romantic than that? These steam engines are full of history, and are a staple of the Disney company. Go enjoy them!
  5. The Oasis, over at the Animal Kingdom, is a treat at night. If you find yourself lucky enough to be at the Animal Kingdom past dark, do not rush out with your date. Even if the park is closed, take your time meandering over the bridge from Discovery Island, and stop at the Oasis. Listen to the waterfalls and streams, and enjoy the seclusion under the trees and in the plants. The Oasis is dimly lit at night, and has a magical feel to it. The Tree of Life is also beautifully lit at night, and is visible from the back of the Oasis.

     Do your research before you go on your date! There are many many places to escape the crowds and enjoy having a section of a Disney Park to yourselves. Happy dating!

Thank you for reading!

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