Tuesday, March 24, 2015

5 ways Planning a Disney Vacation has Changed

I'm back! After a recent career change and the ensuing training time and such, I have finally found myself with enough time to write to you all. Here is my first post in a while:

     Disney World is not exactly what it used to be. Back in the day, park admission was a dollar, you got a book of tickets to ride the rides, and you could walk into almost any restaurant or onto any ride without thinking about it. Nowadays, things are a bit different. Even since the last time I planned a major family WDW vacation, several things have changed. In this post, I will briefly inform you of what you should keep in mind.


  1. You can't walk into restaurants any more. I know. It's a hard fact of life now in Walt Disney World. But let's move past the tears and rage and just accept the fact that the world loves Walt Disney World also. Everyone wants to eat at these great places. As a result, make sure that you make your dining reservations well in advance of when you plan to use them. If you want to eat at the hot spots like Cinderella's Royal Table and Le Cellier Steakhouse, you'd better be on the phone at 7 a.m. 180 days in advance. 
  2. You can't walk on to Space Mountain any more. This one is a complex one for me. In my opinion, there are still plenty of strategies that one can employ in order to avoid the lines for your favorite attractions. Coming up I will post more on how to avoid lines at the World. However, make sure you are planning well using your MyMagic+ system to reserve your ride times.
  3. You can't see it all! Ever! My friends ask me constantly, "You've been there so many times... doesn't it get old?" My response is always a laugh. I respond by saying that I will never do it all. Every single time I go back I find new things that have been there for years that I have never done. Unlike Disneyland and the WDW of yore, you cannot go there with the idea that you will see it all. You just won't.
  4. Booking Moderate is quite luxurious. Unlike many of the memories I have as a child would dictate, Disney's moderate resorts are more than you might think. I like to think of it this way: Behind the luxury resorts is detail, history, and 'over the top'-ness. With the moderate resorts, you are getting that Disney touch of storytelling, quality, and romance, just without the deep history and enormous lobbies. In addition, you can save a lot of money. I particularly encourage the Port Orleans Resorts.
  5. The Characters are popular dudes! Keep this in mind while you're planning your trip. I remember as a child walking around the parks, running into characters, and having a simple and magical interaction with them based on the fact that we ran into each other. This doesn't really happen any more. If you want to meet Mickey, you really need to get a Fastpass. Keep this in mind while making your plans. Don't assume that junior will be a breeze to please.
My favorite place in the world has changed a lot. It's easy to get angry about it. I encourage everyone to keep positive, and change with it. They know what they're doing down there. 

Thank you so much for reading!