Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What's New at Disney's Animal Kingdom

     Hello world! I just got back from my most recent trip to Walt Disney World. While I was ill for nearly the length of the trip, I did manage to enjoy some of the magic, and capture some things that have changed since the last time I was there. I will be publishing a series of photos and thoughts regarding my reactions to what is new at the World.
     I want to start with Disney's Animal Kingdom. While this post won't include a lot of text (as I haven't truly digested all that I saw), I will share photos here. Many of these photos are of the new Harambe Market area in Africa, and some are just fun.

     This first photo is an example of something Disney has done really well in the Animal Kingdom. Their storytelling for each attraction has spread beyond the waiting queue and the ride. This poster is in the Harambe Market, and makes reference to Kilimanjaro Safaris. The authenticity of the story of the attraction is held strong by the fact that the ride isn't treated as anything but a real safari until you exit the confines of the entire park. While you're in the Animal Kingdom, the safari is a safari, and not a ride.

     The 'Hemingwey Bookshop' sign is a charming touch in Harambe Market, pointing to the sometimes funny mix of Western and African culture. The slight spelling mistakes point to an innocence that exists in African culture and its interpretation of American literature. The juxtaposition between the intensity and violence of Hemingway's writing and the poor English acts as a metaphor for us, pointing out that while art is trans-cultural, it is interpreted differently based on region (extra fun, the name 'Hemingway' is spelled using the more African spelling for the 'way' sound: 'wey').
     I hope you enjoyed this small glimpse into some new details at the Animal Kingdom! There will be more soon!